Sunday, June 27, 2010

Session Highlight: Energize Your Networking Attitude!

This week we highlight one of the two sessions that will be presented by speaker and ABWA Member Laura Morlando, "The Stress Commando".

Session: Energize Your Networking Attitude!
to Market Your Business and Yourself in 5 Easy Steps!

So what is networking any way? Networking is a common used word in today’s market place.

However, the true concept of networking often eludes most working women. Networking is an activity, a mindset and a skill, to meet and build relationships with people. Networking can happen anywhere and is a friendly, low key and essential function in our complex society. So it is a skill worth developing and one you should not be intimidated by.

The key to networking is to understand one basic principle…it’s not about me. Get yourself out of your own way and you are one step closer to developing a winning attitude. So do any of these apply to you?

- Are you getting the results you want from your current networking activities?
- Are you meeting the right kinds of people to grow your business?
- Have you missed opportunities to network with others because you were crippled by fear or didn’t know how to start a conversation?
- Have you been too busy to network lately?
- Do you have a stack of business cards that you don’t know what to do with?
- How many relationships have your networking activities created for you in the past year?

Falling into a networking rut or being afraid to network is common. But the solutions to energizing your networking attitude and results are as simple as 5 easy steps you can do every day!

From Laura you will learn:
- The 5 steps to developing your networking attitude
- How Networking can grow you and your business
- The best places to network you never thought of

About Laura Morlando, The Stress Commando

Laura Morlando the Stress Commando relieves the stress in your day. As an accomplished 18-year corporate professional turned entrepreneur, she knows personally just how hard that transition can be.

With her infectious enthusiasm and contagious smile, Laura’s workshops provide proven best practices and simple action plans for any business person needing to quickly reduce stress in their day, improve networking effectiveness and develop a professional brand for increased profitability and career growth.
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This is just one of the many great sessions to choose from at this year's Central Texas Women's Leadership Conference! Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 28, 2010 and watch our website for online registration to open mid-June. It will be a full day of learning, inspiration, networking, shopping and fun! Bring a friend, sister, or co-worker and enjoy the day together.
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